Is it legal?
The short answer? Yes. The long answer? There's a limit and maybe even some restrictions depending on your state. But because it's an alcoholic beverage, there are a lot of people who don't like it. A large segment of the population can't handle these kinds of things because for some reason they think it's wrong for them to do and want you to have the same restrictions they do. They get excited just thinking about imposing their views on others. It defies logic to me. They just want to stick their nose in your business. But essentially, an individual is permitted by the federal government (and virtually every state government) to brew 100 gallons of beer per year per adult 21 and over in their household (to a maximum of 200 gallons per year). This is specified in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 27 Part 25 Subpart L Sections 25.205 through 25.207. I live in Florida where this is accepted in Florida State Statute 562.165.

But back to the knuckleheads (including many folks in our government) who want to stick their nose in my business. Here's a little bit of paraphrase from an acquaintance for those who are inclined to whine and complain (by the way, my mantra is "Stop Global Whining!"):

I'm a child of the 70s. I grew up in an era where any meddling in one's personal business by any government entity was unheard of. One lead his life as he saw fit and as long as he didn't hurt anyone, nobody bothered him. Also, I was taught to take responsibility for my actions and not to try to blame others.

I still live by that philosophy. As such, you might find things on this site that, if you're a meddlesome panty-wetting nanny, you might think could be illegal. Some things you might think are offensive. Other things, if you try them at home, might very well get some bureaucrat's panties in a wad. You might even hurt yourself! Who to blame, who to blame?!

Therefore this site is presented for its educational and entertainment value only. If you try to duplicate any of my work, you may suffer the ire of some government do-nothing who is jealous of people actually doing fun, interesting, and educational things. More importantly, your pecker could fall off, you could be maimed, your hair could fall out, you might go cross-eyed, your blue smoke might leak out, you could become a Republican, you could become a Democrat, you could get fat, your voice might go high. Heck, you might even kill yourself.

So read and enjoy this stuff, but don't try to run with the big boys. If you ignore my advice here then you're on your own. I take absolutely no responsibility for what you might do. It's a full time job for me taking responsibility for what I do. Isn't it a sick commentary on society today that I even have to say such things?

So there you have it. And you know, I was even called an outlaw by some (older) folks one day while brewing outside at a German festival in a small town "somewhere" in Louisiana. There are a whole lot of ignorant, stupid dunces out there...